Regarding the handling of customer's personal information, our company has the following policy.
Bell International Co., Ltd. respects the personal information provided by customers and job seekers, and strives to protect privacy carefully.
In order to answer the information necessary for inquiries from customers, we are conducting mail delivery business under our management. We respect the privacy of our customers regarding the personal information collected for that purpose, and do not sell, exchange, or otherwise misuse personal information for any other purpose. We promise not to transfer your personal information to any other organization. However, we may disclose personal information when we receive a legal disclosure request from a public institution such as a court. In order to properly manage personal information, we will strengthen security, implement safety measures for internal management, and strictly manage personal information.
Bell International Co., Ltd. will provide each service to our customers in compliance with this privacy policy. In addition, our services are provided to customers assuming that they have agreed to this privacy policy. In addition, this privacy policy will be reviewed and improved as necessary in order to further ensure the protection of your personal information.